Dental Checkups for Children at Kids Dental Tree

Kids’ dental checkups are crucial to maintaining good dental health. To put your child on the right path, you should schedule your first appointment with a pediatric dentist in Anchorage when your child has just a few teeth. Dental checkups ensure that your child’s permanent teeth will have a solid foundation.


Importance of Dental Checkups for Baby Teeth

Children are more likely to develop tooth decay because they lack good oral health habits and the skill to properly brush and floss. By bringing your child to a kids’ dentist for routine dental checkups and cleanings, a pediatric dentist can examine your child’s teeth for signs of decay or gum disease.

The average age for scheduling the first visit is approximately 2 years old. Beginning regular dentist visits at a young age gets children used to opening their mouths for the dental team. When you wait until age 4 or older, there’s a greater chance that problems could have developed.

After the initial exam, where we assess your child’s whole mouth, including the soft tissue, palate, and tongue, we recommend that you return for six-month recall appointments.

At these appointments, your child will get an examination. Our registered dental hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from around their teeth and gums, giving them a healthier smile.

Committing to bringing your child in for routine visits will help your little one avoid kids’ dental surgery. We aim to develop a good rapport with every child, and it helps when they start coming to our office by the time they’re 1 year old.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Schedule a Checkup

Many people delay dental treatment because of time, finances, or anxiety. However, routine dental exams are crucial, even if your child only has a few teeth. We want to ensure that they are healthy teeth and remove any accumulated buildup.

Waiting to schedule your child’s first dental appointment may contribute to cavities or gum disease formation. Early detection allows us to treat your child before they experience any discomfort or more extensive problems.

What Happens During a Dental Checkup?

We take X-rays of your child’s mouth during a routine dental checkup. These images allow us to check for issues hidden beneath the surface, like developmental problems with their adult teeth.

Our office has digital handheld X-ray equipment and a panoramic machine. The handheld devices help us navigate a wiggly child and are less intimidating as well.

Next, the dentist conducts a thorough visual examination of your child’s entire mouth. If we detect an issue, we’ll discuss it with you and create a customized treatment plan to restore your little one’s oral health.

We’ll also ask about your concerns with your child’s habits, like nail biting or thumb-sucking. Our dentists will work with you to determine how to best address these issues.

Education is also a crucial part of regular checkups. The hygienist or dentist will review proper brushing and flossing techniques when your child is old enough to understand how to care for their teeth. Education continues as your child grows, and we introduce age-appropriate topics.

Preparing Your Child for the Dentist

Visiting the dentist can be scary for your little one. However, there are a few things you can do to help prepare them for the upcoming visit:

  1. Maintain an upbeat attitude about the dentist and explain why keeping their teeth and gums healthy is important
  2. Avoid discussing your concerns while your child is in the room to prevent them from picking up on your fears
  3. Allow them to bring a favorite stuffed animal or toy to the appointment
  4. Let them accompany you to one of your dental checkups

Introducing your child to the dentist office’s new sights, sounds, and friendly faces will make their first trip less scary.

How Our Pediatric Dentists Care for Your Child

An experienced pediatric dentist has special training, including behavioral training for dealing with children and special needs children. We understand the challenges that come with providing dental care to kids.

At Kids Dental Tree, we have a team of dental professionals that understand and are committed to the health and well-being of every patient. You can trust that your little one will receive safe and effective dental treatment from a compassionate team.

We keep iPads above the dental chair so your child can watch a show during treatment. This
helps take their focus off the procedure and become more relaxed.

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