Pediatric Dentistry

We work to give our patients the tools they need to enjoy a lifetime of oral health and beautiful smiles. As pediatric dentists, our team has completed additional years of specialized training beyond receiving a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, so that we are well-equipped to promote healthy development and avoid future dental issues in infants through teenagers.

First Visit

We recommend bringing your child to see Dr. Keller or Dr. Ryan six months after the first tooth comes in. The entire Kids Dental Tree staff is dedicated to making your child’s first visit—and all those thereafter—a positive and enjoyable experience.

We recommend talking to children about their visit beforehand and explaining that we will be here to answer any and all questions that may come up. Let them know what to expect: that we will take a good look inside their mouth and at all of their teeth, explain the best ways to keep their teeth clean and why that is important, and possibly take some pictures of their teeth.

It’s a good idea to keep the discussion very general and light and not discuss anything that might cause fear or anxiety. Parents and caretakers are invited to join children for the initial examination.

After the first appointment, we often find it works best for parents to wait in the reception area for future visits so we are able to establish a closer rapport with the child, gain their confidence, and help them to overcome apprehension.

Routine Care & Preventive Treatment

After the first visit, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children visit their pediatric dentist every six months. Our patients actually look forward to visiting our child-friendly practice! Routine visits will start your child on a lifetime of good dental health, and Dr. Keller and Dr. Ryan at Kids Dental Tree take the time to craft oral care plans fit to each child’s unique needs, including preventive treatment.

In addition to thorough exams with cleanings, we may recommend protective sealants or home fluoride treatments. A well-balanced diet is also an important aspect of oral health, and we will talk through diet options with your child to help them understand how to make good choices for not only their teeth, but their overall wellness. Healthy eating habits lead to healthy teeth!

Restorative Pediatric Dentistry

Kids Dental Tree offers a variety of restorative treatments, if needed, to get your child’s dental health back on track. From cavity filling to crown placement to full-mouth restoration, we are able to meet all of your child’s dental needs here in our own office. Dr. Keller and Dr. Ryan have years of experience in pulp therapy—such as a pulpotomy or pulpectomy to remove either part of or the entire affected area—to ensure the child’s tooth is not lost when cavities or injury occur.

For all restorative treatments at Kids Dental Tree in Anchorage, we strive to always use minimally invasive procedures. Nitrous oxide or general anesthesia is also available, when appropriate, to minimize discomfort.

Emergency Kids' Dentistry

Accidents happen! Especially for children, it’s important to contact us immediately if a tooth is chipped, fractured, knocked out, or if the mouth suffers any type of trauma. If your child is suffering from a toothache, we recommend cleaning the affected area, rinsing thoroughly with warm water, and gently dislodging any food that may be causing the pain. For cuts, bitten tongues, lips, or cheeks, it’s best to apply ice to the injured area and use firm but gentle pressure with a gauze or cloth for any bleeding.

However, if the injury is caused by a blow to the mouth, your child needs to be examined in our office to determine if there is underlying damage to the tooth structure or root. If bleeding or pain persists, or if you have any doubts about what to do when your child has an accident, please do not hesitate to call our office — we are here to help!

Kids' Oral Surgery

Dr. Keller and Dr. Ryan are highly trained in pediatric dental surgery, providing surgical procedures in our office under general anesthesia with an attending anesthesiologist. This provides a comfortable setting for your child, especially if multiple visits are required to complete treatment. Before, during, and post-procedure, we will explain everything that is happening and what to expect, and we take all of the time necessary to answer questions or concerns that may come up throughout the process.

Post-surgery, we’ll provide you with all the resources necessary for proper home care, then have a follow-up visit to ensure recovery is progressing smoothly. Our top priority is for children to feel safe and comfortable during their time at Kids Dental Tree, whether visiting for a routine cleaning or dental surgery.

Anesthesia Options

We are pleased to offer sedation options for your child’s treatment, if appropriate. General anesthesia with an attending anesthesiologist is available in our office and may be recommended for certain procedures. If your child is undergoing a dental procedure, we will take the time to walk you through all available options well beforehand, ensuring you and your child feel safe, comfortable, and well-informed.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen, also known as laughing gas, may be given to allow the child to relax without putting them to sleep. The use of laughing gas is a safe and effective way to manage pain and anxiety. Once treatment is complete, laughing gas wears off quickly, within 2-3 minutes.

Post-Procedure Instructions

If your child has had a procedure or treatment in our office, it is important to follow the guidelines. Click the button to view post procedure instructions.

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