What to Expect if Your Child Needs Dental Surgery

When your child needs pediatric dental procedures in Anchorage, feeling apprehensive is natural. But pediatric dentists are specially trained to treat baby teeth. At Kids Dental Tree, we do everything to ensure that your kid’s dental surgery is a positive experience.


Why Would a Child Need Dental Surgery?

Your child may need pediatric dental procedures in Anchorage for various reasons. The goal will always be to protect their oral and dental health. A few of the reasons your child may need dental surgery include the following:

Tooth Decay

The primary reason for kids’ dental surgery is tooth decay, more commonly known as cavities. If your child has a cavity, it may have progressed and affected a part of the tooth or its entire structure. Tooth decay left untreated — especially if it’s deep in the pocket — can affect adult teeth.

Diets high in sugar, acid, carbohydrates, and rice can cause tooth decay in children. Maintaining a well-balanced diet, combined with proper at-home dental care, can prevent the formation of decay.

Unfortunately, genetics can also be to blame for your child’s oral health. Some genes are associated with a higher risk of tooth decay, making you and your child more prone to cavities.

Scheduling routine dental checkups will ensure that your child has healthy teeth or that you catch signs of decay early. Detecting a cavity in its early stages will prevent your child from experiencing the discomfort of decay that has reached the tooth’s inner layers.


Although a tooth can become infected for other reasons, untreated tooth decay is often the culprit. The decay can spread to the tooth’s inner layers, where it starts an infection. This scenario may require a baby root canal, where the tooth’s structure can be saved but the infected soft tissue inside must be cleaned out, replaced, and sealed.

What to Expect for Recovery and Follow-Up

Parents often wonder what their child’s recovery process will be like after dental surgery. Regardless of the extent of your child’s treatment, most kids respond quickly. Parents must exercise caution to ensure that their child understands that they must rest to heal correctly.

You’ll receive a follow-up call to check on your child the day following their surgery. Our pediatric dentist in Anchorage wants to know that your child is still doing well and recovering appropriately.

Follow-up procedures typically aren’t necessary because. The next time we need to see your child is at their next routine exam. More cavities and decay can appear later and must be detected early.

How Long Will a Tooth Hurt After a Filling?

Tooth sensitivity after filling a cavity may take two to four weeks to resolve. You can manage any discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers. Avoid acidic foods and drinks during the recovery period. Switching to a less aggressive toothbrush can help maintain good oral health and minimize discomfort.

What Happens if I Don’t Schedule Dental Surgery for My Child?

Every patient responds differently, but when oral health conditions are left untreated, your child’s teeth may begin to rot into the gumline, increasing the risk of a soft tooth infection. This infection could lead to a more significant problem.

Not only can the infection travel to the brain, but adult teeth typically erupt into the mouth at age 8 or 9. If a parent chooses not to address tooth decay, this gives the decay a long time to linger in your child’s mouth and continue to affect their teeth and gums.

Are There Risk Factors to Using Anesthesia for Kids’ Dental Surgery?

Most children respond well to anesthetics used during dental surgery and recover quickly. Typically, the only risk factor is a family history of reactions to anesthesia and juvenile diabetes.

What Makes Kids Dental Tree Unique

When it comes to your child’s dental surgery, Kids Dental Tree wants to offer you the best. The process starts at our front office with a dedicated surgery coordinator. You’ll have one person with whom you can discuss your child’s surgery, eliminating the risk of miscommunication.

Our team is adept at managing conditions from start to finish. We have dental assistants with years of experience in behavior management. They have been with the practice for a long time and have long-standing relationships with our patients.

Our pediatric dentist in Anchorage has hospital privileges but can also complete surgery in our office with an on-site anesthesiologist. Staying in a familiar environment will ease your child through restoring their teeth.

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