little girl eating watermelon who receives care from our pediatric dentistry in anchorage, ak

It's Time to Smile: Visit Your Pediatric Dentist in
Anchorage, AK

Are your kids leery to hop into the dentist's chair? Don't worry. Our team has the tools to make your children's dental visit more relaxing and comfortable. At Kids Dental Tree, we've worked for over ten years to improve our practice and ensure every child walks away with a smile.

Comprehensive Services

If you need pediatric dentistry in Anchorage, AK, we're the ones to call. We provide comprehensive dental care for children and adolescents of all ages. Our pediatric care appointments start with a dental exam and cleaning. Once we've assessed your child's teeth, we will discuss treatment options and help you and your child understand how to maintain a healthy smile.

As a parent, you share responsibility and play an active role in your child's oral health. Our team will educate you on proper oral hygiene habits so you can coach your kids and supervise brushing and flossing.

Contact Us Today

At Kids Dental Tree, we have one goal: to provide a caring environment where your child can develop a healthy attitude toward dentistry. Our patient-focused team will meet with you and your children to answer questions or address concerns.

If you want to help your children maintain a healthy, confident, and beautiful smile, contact us at (907) 336-7337 for a consultation or to set up an appointment. We look forward to providing oral health educational resources and helping you incorporate proper oral hygiene habits into your children's routine.